Frank Murin


Frank is the owner and operator of Auto First, starting back in 1983 as Grandville Car Company with just a two-bay shop doing mostly detailing. Frank has guided its growth to the six-bay company that it is today. When not working, Frank enjoys spending time with his wife Jackie and his family. He also enjoys local politics.

Dan Headley

Glass Pro

Dan (the Man) has been with Auto First for over 15 years.  Dan not only is the lead glass installer, he is also proficient in remote car starters, alarm installs, brakes, and doing almost anything else for your auto.  Have questions about “why or how”?  Dan is the person to see.  When not working, Dan enjoys hunting, spending time with his two sons, and sleeping in.



The Mechanic

Auto First is looking for another mechanic for the operation, specializing in general repair.  Please stop by to fill out an application!



Daltin "Junior" Murin

Dalton (“Junior”)

Dalton has been around since the beginning working alongside his father, Frank. Dalton is one of our certified mechanics, When not working, Dalton enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing with his two dogs.


The Brains

Wendy handles many of the Auto First duties that Frank would rather not: payroll, accounts payable, project scheduling, and front counter duties.  These are important tasks, but don’t be surprised to walk into the showroom and catch her dusting or vacuuming the carpets.  She is sometimes referred to as “The Glue”, as she seems to be the person that holds the company together.