Protection Services

Auto First Car Care Center protection services protect your vehicles exterior coatings from permanent damage, caused by our harsh Michigan elements, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, lime from parking garages & chemical fall out from our factories.

Paint Sealant is recommended if you are keeping your vehicle for anything longer than three years. It is applied to your exterior painted surfaces. Paint sealant is a Teflon super wax that is embedded into the paint pores of your auto to help withstand all the elements from our harsh state. It has an initial cost from $139 – $219 then you would have to bring it in yearly for reseals. Reseals are done at a predetermined price approximately $49 – $99 per application.

Fabric protection is a great way to protect cloth/fabric surfaces from water and oil based stains. This protection method is available at a minimal cost and comes with a limited warranty.