Specialty Detailing Services

Specialty claims like the following can normally be cleaned and restored to a like new condition without having to be replaced, saving you big money:

  • Smoke from fires in or around the vehicle, to ones that have soot or ash all over them. Inside and out we can help restore your vehicle back to original.
  • Paint and overspray cleaning from the vandalism artist, to accidents from painting houses, chemical fallout, even road paint.
  • Food and body fluid spills from milk and soda to vomit, urine, and feces. Even animal accidents can now be cleaned and deodorized.
  • Water and food damage from windows left down or smashed out in the rain, to vehicles that were submerged into water.

Auto First has all the newest technology in steam cleaning, fogging, and ozoning machines so interior carpets and fabrics can be cleaned and deodorized, restoring them to like new condition in 99% of the cases. Interiors can be disassembled, cleaned, deodorized and put back to factory specifications all while saving you money.

Now you can eliminate the hassle of having to go from place to place to have your vehicle restored. Auto First is your one stop for all claims from auto glass replacements to brakes, exhaust, electrical problems and specialty cleaning.

Auto First is fully insured and accepts all insurance types. We offer direct billing to your insurance agent, making no paperwork for you. We also offer free pick up and delivery.